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Date of Publication: 2013/03 Last Modified: 2013/06/21

Prospects of Liquid Biofuels in China

  • Current status of liquid biofuels technologies and industrialization development was analysed and presented, a development model for China liquid biofuels industry — four “Green Daqing Oilfields”is provided based on biomass resources in China, i.e. a Green Daqing Oilfield growing in saline-alkali soil, a Green Daqing Oilfield turning wastes into biofuels, a Green Daqing Oilfield growing on barren hills and wasteland, and a Green Daqing Oilfield in cities.

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    中国石油石油化工研究院副院长 / CNPC Petrochemical Research Institute

    胡徐腾 / Hu Xuteng