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Date of Publication: 2010/04 Last Modified: 2013/07/25

A novel process to reduce aromatics and benzene in reformates

  • A catalytic scheme for reducing the aromatics and benzene content in reformates without octane barrel loss uses exisiting reforming units at Moscow Oil Refinery.

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    莫斯科炼油厂 / Moscow Oil Refinery

    米克海尔∙莱文布克 / Mikhail Levinbuk
    A∙梅林 / A Meling
    V∙祖比尔 / V Zuber
    A∙莱比德夫 / A Lebedev

    全俄石油加工科学研究院 / All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Processing

    V∙卡夫金 / V Khavkin