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Date of Publication: 2010/03 Last Modified: 2013/09/24

Development & Trends of Clean-Fuels of CNPC

  • Establish standard of gasoline and diesel quality upgrading based China national  conditions. Establish automobile diesel standard, to manage diesel in categories. Government should offer support policies to diesel quality upgrading and revamping. Process high sulphur crude oil and low quality crude oil, select appropriate process scheme. Accelerate gasoline and diesel quality upgrading pace, guarantee supply of clean oil. Increase the production capacity of alkylate oil and isomerised oil, improve oil distribution scheme. Accelerate diesel quality upgrading pace, guarantee supply of clean oil. Conduct area optimisation. Highlight the work of energy saving and exhaust deduction, to construct oil refining industry of energy saving and environment protective. Enhance the collaboration with alternative fuels, to realize resources diversification.     Read More ›

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    中国石油规划总院/China Petroleum Planning & Engineering Institute

    张福琴/Zhang Fuqin