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Date of Publication: 2010/03 Last Modified: 2013/09/24

The Production of Environmental and Clean High Octane Number Gasolines Based on the Catalytic Cracking and Reforming Processes

  • The use of Mg-Si catalyst gives the highest catalytic activity of ZCC structures. An optimum variant appears at Mg-Si catalyst with the content of 20 % MgO. Using the process of catalytic cracking with the fluidized bed of Mg-Si matrix type (20%-MgO) is increasing the output of gasoline by 6%, reducing gas output to 6.8%, coke to 1.5% and fraction above 200℃ to 34. 7% while the degree of conversion is 60.3%. Gasoline produced from catalytic cracking process at using “Mg-Si matrix type” with the content of 20% MgO has octane numbers 80.2 (MON) and 90.1 (RON) by using the fluidised bed process. Read More ›

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    阿塞拜疆国家石油研究院/Azerbaijan State Oil Academy

    Tarek M Aboul Fotouh, Kaikavus Y.Adjamov, Irada A. Khalafova

    阿塞拜疆国家科学院/Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

    Azada J. Huseynova, IIhama S. Huseynova