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Date of Publication: 2010/03 Last Modified: 2013/09/24

High-acid Heavy Crude Oil Processing

  • World leading refinery with 100% full conversion of high acid heavy crude oil—CNOOC Huizhou 12 million tons/year oil refining project has been put into production. Even just 1 year has elapsed since its production start up, but until now, it has achieved good outcomes together with remarkable economic returns in the area of electric-desalting, high & low temperature corrosion control, the processing and treatment of kerosene and diesel, wax oil and residuum. Its technology, expertise and experience have been practiced and approved in the areas of raw material choosing and batching, equipment selection, process operation and anti-corrosion, supervision & monitoring, quality control, environmental protection and management innovation. It is now accumulating more processing experience of high acid crude oil from the operation. Read More ›

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    中海石油惠州炼化公司/CNOOC Huizhou Refinery Company

    吴青/Wu Qing