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Date of Publication: 2006/04 Last Modified: 2013/10/10

Molecular Level Description of Crude Oils and Complex Hydrocarbon Streams

  • The advantages of Molecular Modeling: Overcomes limitations of existing crude oil assay technology, enables crude oil analysis on a fundamental molecular level, potential benefits in excess of $0.30/bbl, and moves technology to a more scientific basis for component speciation.

    What if …

    · …we could remove the uncertainty about using old assay data as the basis for how we process today’s feedstocks?

    · …we could reduce inherent assay errors by using measurements that we can take at the plant site?

    · …we could make those corrections on a daily basis?

    · …we could produce deeper information about true compositional nature of  feedstocks and other process streams?

    · …we could use that detailed knowledge as more accurate input to planning and optimisation tools for daily operational improvements?

    · what if?

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    英维斯过程系统/, Invensys Process System

    Lanny Carr