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Quality control of biofuels

For quality control of biofuels, determination of oxidation stability, iodine and acid number as well as water, alkali metal and alkaline earth metal content are important. Titrimetric and ion chromatographic analyses are also addressed.

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Conversion of syngas to diesel

An review of Fischer-Tropsch technologies for the production of diesel from syngas using a variety of feedstocks. Process technology, reactor design and catalyst requirements to achieve industrial-scale diesel and petrochemical production are discussed.

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Bioethers impact on the gasoline pool

Benefits of producing bioethers compared to blending bioethanol are examined for the total European gasoline pool. The result of maximising ethanol use in the pool via etherification is evaluated. Economics for optimum biofuels operation are presented.

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Two decades of advanced process applications in China

This paper provides a historical review of a wide range of process technologies that have been licensed by Davy Process Technology in China over the last twenty years and gives brief details of the plants using these technologies that have been installed in this period. Some indications are given concerning how future collaborative technical development may lead to sustainable process technologies that are less dependent on non-renewable hydrocarbon resources.

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Increasing biodiesel production

As part of its renewable fuels programme, Brazil’s need for increased diesel production will be met by a new biodiesel process integrated into refinery hydrotreating units. The process provides high conversion yields using agricultural feedstocks.

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