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Economics & Effectiveness of Continuous Removal of Heat Stable Salts & Bicine from Contaminated Amine Solutions in Refineries & Gas Plants

AmiPur™ is a continuous amine purification system. It helps to keep high purify by continuously maintaining low HSS levels. It is simple, small-footprint designed to easily integrate into current plant operations. It can decrease short and long-term maintenance costs, improve performance and decrease corrosion, and ensures reliable operation of amine units with minimal supervision.    Read More ›

Application of Advanced Technologies to Enhance Refinery Capability for Processing Opportunity Crudes

Although processing crude of declining quality is a challenge, the risk can be mitigated through the use of a comprehensive study, analysis and treatment of high- risk areas. GE W&PT Technology and Product Application teams have together developed a comprehensive program containing a number of unique and patentable tools that are designed to scientifically monitor and control high temperature corrosion, developed new product for calcium removal and heavy crude oils demulsification. Implementing the program facilitates the processing of opportunity crude oils so that refiners can safely and reliably process opportunity crude oils and enhance their operating margins. Read More ›

Minimise corrosion while maximising distillate

Reducing atmospheric fractionator overhead temperatures to maximise middle distillate production requires a full understanding of resulting corrosion mechanisms.   Sustained growth in the demand for jet fuel, diesel and other middle distillate products is expected ...

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