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Technip KTI New Sulphur Recovery Units

Technip KTI RAR process is a proven, reliable, robust and efficient technology for tail gas treatment that may satisfy refineries and gas fields strict environmental requirements. More than 30 plants are in operation or in construction worldwide, 8 of them in P.R.C., and with full satisfaction of customers. Periodical check, review and assessment of operation of sulphur recovery plants, strictly controlled by environmental authorities, are necessary tools to achieve the environmental targets during all the plants life. Read More ›

Sulphur Recovery Units in Heavy Crudes Processing and In IGCC Projects

The processing in Claus units of sour gases generated in the treatment of heavy crudes is possible by selecting the correct plant configuration. Claus plant feedstocks with very high ratio N/S may be efficiently treated with two stages SWS and with double zone thermal reactor. Very lean feedstocks of any H2S concentration may be processed adopting the plant configuration most suitable for the achievement of the requested performance. Technip KTI has a large portfolio of references in these applications on refineries.  Read More ›

Sulphur Plant Configurations to Cut Costs & CO2 Emissions

The reduction of co2 emissions in refineries does not necessarily cause a negative impact on the plant cost. The reduction of carbon footprints in refineries of more than 20% does not imply the CCS. The careful investigation and the implementation of various energy saving options shall in fact achieve significant benefits without additional investment costs. The application of appropriate energy saving strategy to all process units in refineries is a crucial tool for the abatement of co2 emissions to the levels which tomorrow shall be probably imposed by the legislation to fight the climate changes.   Read More ›