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Green and Low-Carbon Path for Petroleum Refining

China is currently in the industrialization process dominated by petrochemical industry. Oil refining enterprises are the main sources for domestic basic energy and raw petrochemical materials, meanwhile, they are also the major energy consumer and green house gas discharger. Oil refining enterprises are facing pressures from domestic ecological condition worsening and stringent requirement for emission reduction worldwide. These pressures are also the driving force for promoting technology advancement and achieving continuous development. Refineries need to realize energy conservation and industry upgrading through technology innovation, speeding up the transition of economic growth pattern to build up a harmony relationship between enterprises, society and environment. Read More ›

Innovative solutions in steam reforming and gas flaring recovery and skid mounted design for sulphur recovery facilities

KT’s innovative reformer design package, integrated within rest of Hydrogen Production Unit, would reduce feed+ fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, lower operating cost and capital investment. SCT-CPO, Gas flaring reduction technology, is suitable to produce Syngas for Methanol Synthesis, starting from gas flaring as feed. Modularised sulphur recovery facility offers great advantages in reducing field hours, improving productivity and safety, minimise overall investment, limited spot space, tight project schedule and etc.

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Building Safe and Clean Refining & Petrochemical Enterprises

Domestic R&P enterprises can take the following measures to make their production safe and clean: Establish a system of indexes for building safe and clean R&P enterprises; Establish a risk assessment system, and practice scientific management of safety and environmental issues; Increase investments to ensure the integrity and reliability of the facilities; Tackle the problems at the source, and make the plant intrinsically clean; Solve the problems case by case, and help R&P enterprises to meet safety and environmental requirements and keep themselves profitable; Strengthen the R&D and application of new safe and environmental technologies; Establish a system for social communities to supervise R&P enterprises on safety and environmental issues and the emission control; Strengthen training and improve personnel quality.

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Mitsui Leads Investment in LanzaTech’s $60M Series D Round

LanzaTech, a company changing the way the world thinks about waste carbon, has attracted new strategic investors in key target markets. LanzaTech’s disruptive carbon capture and utilization technology provides a capital-efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional carbon capture and storage (CCS). Waste gas streams captured from industrial factories can be directly converted on-site to low-carbon liquid fuels and chemicals by adding a LanzaTech facility at the source, offering the potential to reduce global CO2 levels while accessing multi-billion dollar commodities markets.

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Norton Engineering wins contract in China

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. has awarded a contract to Norton Engineering for the supply of its proprietary Venturi Scrubbing System (VSS) technology at its industrial complex in Boxing, Shandong Province, China. The contract is for
technology, proprietary equipment, a complete Process Design Package, and start-up support. Norton Engineering will design two systems for Chambroad at its FCC #2 and FCC #3 units. Read More ›