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Building Safe and Clean Refining & Petrochemical Enterprises

Domestic R&P enterprises can take the following measures to make their production safe and clean: Establish a system of indexes for building safe and clean R&P enterprises; Establish a risk assessment system, and practice scientific management of safety and environmental issues; Increase investments to ensure the integrity and reliability of the facilities; Tackle the problems at the source, and make the plant intrinsically clean; Solve the problems case by case, and help R&P enterprises to meet safety and environmental requirements and keep themselves profitable; Strengthen the R&D and application of new safe and environmental technologies; Establish a system for social communities to supervise R&P enterprises on safety and environmental issues and the emission control; Strengthen training and improve personnel quality.

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Real Time Energy Management with Case Studies

Benefits to highlight: organize the information of the refinery energy system in one model and one environment that everyone has access to. Understand the economic impact of all the decision variables and constraints, which sometimes is hidden or ignored.  Allow the centralization of the responsibilities for operating the system optimally. Involvement of operators since beginning, crucial for successful implementation and amount of benefits. Robustness of the optimizer allows operations personnel Confidence.  Final user’s acceptance and widespread use, for both engineers and operators.

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Sustainable Development Strategy of China Refinery Industry

Optimise the total process flow of oil refining, adjust oil and chemical integration principle, comprehensively and appropriately utilise oil resources;Develop resources superiority, value ecological environment,carry out appropriate and orderly development of coal to oil and coal chemical industry;Follow right principle, get breakthrough on technology bottleneck, pay more attention on biomass to transportation used fuel production; Promote technological innovation, accelerate popularisation application, realise energy saving and consumption reduction in oil refining process. Read More ›

Energy Saving and Increase Capacity in Crude Distillation Unit by Column Implementation in Vapor Stream Preflash Drum in Tabriz Oil Refinery

Vapor from flash drum to two tray below flash zone of crude tower increase 16% atmospheric gas oil (AGO) yield: For light crude, implementation preflash column, increase efficiency; Column implementation in vapor stream preflash drum increase 11% AGO yield and decrease corrosion problems in the top of the crude column; Column implementation in vapor stream preflash drum increase steam injection to crude column and decrease pressure crude tower; With increase inlet temperature preflash drum to 210℃ and column implementation in vapor stream preflash drum increase 20% capacity in crude tower; Consider implementation flash drum after atmospheric bottom stream.

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Trends in China’s Oil Refining Industry Through 2015

China refining capacity continues to increase, albeit at a slowdown rate, Ratio of oil import increased. Portion of sour, acidic and heavy crude supply to increase, increased crude processing depth will lead to fast increase of gasoil/residue hydrotreating capacity; Newly added refining capacity will be mainly for refined oil products, refining and chemical integration pattern might be changed. Oil products quality standards will be tightened with the enforcement of GB IV standards, saving energy and pursuing clean production will be the solution. Read More ›