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Natural Gas processing technologies in Sulige Gasfield

Sulige Gasfield is located mainly in Erdos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Dingbian County, Shanxi Province. It is a strategic succeeding area of natural gas for Changqing Oil Field Company, PetroChina. There are 5 gas processing plants. The first plant has an annual natural gas processing capacity of 3 billion cubic meters and the others 5 billion. The sixth plant is under construction and to be operational by the end of 2013, resulting in a total capacity of gathering and transferring, and processing will reach 28 billion in Sulige once it is put into production.

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Operating experience in Claus tail gas treatment

RAR Multipurpose, a variant of the RAR process, combines acid gas enrichment and Claus tail gas treatment, allowing the safe and efficient treatment of very lean H2S feedstocks containing impurities that can not be tolerated in Claus units. The paper describes the peculiar features, performances and experience in industrial plants, as well as the limits of application of the technology in the treatment of the lean feed streams.

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