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Opportunity Knocks

A group of interesting articles deals with opportunity crudes, a mixed breed that includes very heavy, sour and high total acid number types as well as those with unexceptional naphthenic acid content but which do ...

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Planning and design of 10mt/y scale refineries

China’s new 10 mt/y scale refining capacities should be primarily based in coastal regions; existing capacities should be utilised for renovation and expansion. Economy of scale, crude properties, high sulphur crude oils and higher percentage of inferior crude oils in feedstocks should be taken into account when building new refining capacities. Gasoline and diesel quality from new refining capacities should meet EU IV and V standards if possible. In building new refining capacities, the integration of refining and petrochemical plant should be taken into consideration. Read More ›

Peak oil & the future

Hatch has expertise and experience in oil sands/tar sands mega projects, shale to liquid mega projects, heavy oil refining and sour gas treatment. Hatch is a leader in wind and hydro power engineering and holds N-Solve and gasification technologies. Read More ›

China’s Refining Business: Status and Strategies

To keep abreast with State macro-control initiatives, the refining industry in China shall capitalize on the rising market demand for refining products. Given the trend toward the supply of poor-grade and heavy crude oil, the Chinese refineries should focus in technological innovation and live up to its commitment to environmental protection and safety, to move toward safe environment-friendly and energy-efficient development and make greater strides in refining. Read More ›

Daqing No 2 CDU/VDU Deep Cut Technology Application

After adopting Deep Cut technology from KBC, the residue yield from Daqing’s

CDU/VDU was reduced to below 34wt%, and the VGO yield was increased by 4wt%. Moreover, the feedstock balance between refinery processing units was shifted, providing a better balance with RFCC and Delayed Coker capacities. Deep Cut technology has helped the refinery make full use of unit capacities to reduce processing costs and increase product output. Read More ›