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Alternatives for hydrogen supply to the refining industry

Hydrogen supply performance benchmarks are high. Innovation can help improve costs and refinery economics. Gasification-derived hydrogen can be supplied with world-class performance provided that a disciplined approach is taken. The economics for gasification-derived hydrogen are always interesting but challenging, particularly as situational factors may often be involved. Under appropriate circumstances and with the benefit of new technology development, CO2 capture for storage may make the economics near-compelling. Outsourcing hydrogen supply in refineries is established and widely accepted. Read More ›

Technical innovations drives on-purpose H2 making solutions

Air Products is a world leading LASU manufacturer with over 2000 ASUs manufactured and a global professional LASU operator operating over 700 ASUs with high safety records and reliability > 99.2% . Air Products is a global leader of on-purpose syngas SOG market serving world major refiners and petrochemical producers, and has 25 years of serving China market and has placed here sufficient resources of Operations, Manufacturing, and Engineering.

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Hydrogen from refinery offgas

Utilisation of refinery offgas for hydrogen production. Three basic schemes of ROG integration into a steam reformer plant were investigated. These schemes are considered at different hydrogen concentrations.

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Maximising hydrogen availability

Case study of a hydrogen complex discusses interaction of hydrogen processing steps with overall refinery productivity. Hydrogen partial pressures, pinch options and other important operating parameters influence economics.

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