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Green, clean production technologies in CNPC refining enterprises

DSO and GARDES technology can be used to produce State-IV and State-V grade gasoline from feedstocks with S content less than 300 ppm. PHF and FDS diesel hydrotreating catalyst can serve in State-V diesel production. CNPC’s gasoline and diesel upgrading technology, FCC desulphurisation technology and flue gas desulphurisation technology are expected to reduce 20,000 t/y of SO2 emission.

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Sinopec Maoming Petrochemical Company refining innovation and expansion project completed

According to Sinopec News website, on January 23, Maoming Petrochemical Company 200,000 Nm3/h hydrogen production unit from coal successfully started up in one try and has produced qualified hydrogen, representing the refining innovation and expansion project was completed for production after three years construction. Maoming Petrochemical has become the third oversized oil refining base in China, with an annual production capacity of over 20 million t/y, following Zhenhai Refining and Petrochemical Company and Dalian Petrochemical Company. Read More ›

Sinopec Refining and Petrochemical Integration

Refining-chemical integration technologies fall into three categories: The technologies for producing more light oils used in chemical industry, which serve as a supplement to feedstock naphtha and provide more feedstock to the downstream production of ethylene. The technologies for producing more aromatic hydrocarbons, which is used to produce high value-added aromatic hydrocarbon products with catalytic reforming, heavy aromatic hydrocarbon transforming and olefin transforming technologies. The technologies for producing more low-carbon olefins, which use existing catalytic cracking facilities to increase the outputs of propylene, ethylene, tec. by applying new-type catalysts and improved processes. Read More ›

Two Decades of Advanced Process Applications in China

This article has concentrated on the development of reforming, synthesis, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions originally using upstream products from natural gas as their feedstocks. Now the emphasis is on replacing natural gas with coal and renewable feedstocks. Each of these technologies has been developed to global scale so that they can be combined in a sequence of integrated processes. Read More ›


PetroChina accelerates oil products upgrading and reduces costs

On November 12, a 400,000 t/y FCC gasoline hydrodesulphurisation unit of Yumen Refining and Petrochemical Complex, PetroChina started up. It produced motor gasoline under State-5 Gasoline Standard, and is also capable of producing long term State-5 gasoline. Up till now, gasoline hydrodesulphurisation units of Qingyang Petrochemical, Ningxia Petrochemical, Haerbin Petrochemical, Daqing Refining and Petrochemical, Daqing Petrochemical and etc, under PetroChina, has all been producing State-4 and 5 motor gasoline. By January 2014, refineries belonging to PetroChina will all produce State-4 motor gasoline. Read More ›


The application of DSO technology accelerate domestic State-5 gasoline upgrading

A selective hydrodesulphurisation technology of catalytic gasoline (DSO technology) developed by Petrochemical Research Institute, PetroChina has been successfully employed in a 900,000 t/y FCC gasoline hydrodesulphurisation unit in Haerbin Petrochemical Company to reduce the sulphur content of gasoline from 108 mg/kg to less than 7.5 mg/kg, meeting State-5 Motor Gasoline Standard. It is the first case of PetroChina adopting self-developed DOS short-process technology to produce State-5 gasoline.

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China Refining Industry’s Responds to the Stringent Fuel Quality Requirements

Establish standards for gasoline & diesel quality upgrading combined with China’s national conditions, the emphasis of diesel upgrading should be on improving desulphurisation efficiency of hydrotreating. Make full use of advanced technologies and high active catalysts for fuel upgrading implementation based on the characteristics of refineries. Increase production capability of alkylation oil & isomerisation oil, and improve gasoline blending composition. Read More ›

Petro-Products Processing Technology of Yanshan Petro-Chemical Company

Environment protection is the no.1 affair of low carbon economy development and sustainable development realisation, and it is also common liability and obligation of world countries. Yansan Petrochemical Company is playing important role in social and economic construction working as one of China’s largest refining & chemical integrated enterprises. “Energy saving, exhaust reduction, high energy efficient production of clean fuels” are incumbents on us and our forever pursuits. We will promote technological innovation, scientific progress and continuous development of oil refining process with the idea of “Pursue excellence, Strive for perfection”, construct Yansan petrochemical company to a modern international competitive petrochemical enterprise of “Resource saving, scientific innovating, environmental friendly and nature safe”.

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