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A Deal from an Efficient Clean & Friendly Oil Industry

Refining yields and consumption can be improved not only by building new plants but also optimising process conditions. Minor plant changes and de-bottlenecking sometimes yield dramatic economic returns. The adoption of new process conditions requires motivated technical personnel who want to accept the challenge of innovation.

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Process simulation for green engineering

The three type of simulation software — steady state simulation, dynamic simulation, and online optimisation — all have their places in making the entire plant lifecycle more environmentally friendly. They help make the process as effcient as possible during the design phase and minimise its environmental impact during operation.

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Refining high acid crudes

Assessing crude oil corrosivity based on sulphidic and naphthenic acid corrosion. A revised procedure includes analysis, testing and a corrosion model that takes into account critical parameters for the evaluation of operational risk, unit upgrading and maintenance planning.

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Optimised procedural operations

More focus is now being placed on procedure effectiveness in the management of abnormal situation and process state changes. This helps to increase profitability as well as provide safer and more effective operations.

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