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CB&I to license technology for production of propylene and butenes

Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co. awarded CB&I a contract for the license and engineering design of a grassroots petrochemicals complex. The complex will use CB&I’s proprietary Olefins Conversion Technology (OCT) to produce 196,000 t/y of polymer-grade propylene and its Comonomer Production Technology (CPT) to produce and recover 20,000 t/y of comonomer-grade 1-butene.

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Lanzhou Petrochemical’s thermotolerant polypropylene new product advent

 Lanzhou Petrochemical Company has produced 523 tons of H8020 polypropylene, reported by Feng Zuowen and Tang Yuanyuan on May 4. H8020 product is a new thermotolerant polypropylene product, jointly developed by Lanzhou Petrochemical Company and Lanzhou Chemical Research Centre of PetroChina Petrochemical Research Institute through more than two-year technical research.

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Two new polypropylene products launched

Luoyang Petrochemical Company’s polypropylene section has developed two types of new membrane products: F03G and PPH-F08, both of which have been producing in No. 2 polypropylene unit along with PPH-F03D since October, increasing the variety of polypropylene products.     Read More ›

The FCC unit as a propylene source

The FCCU is an important source of propylene production. Hardware and catalyst design changes can increase the propylene yield, but ZSM-5 and other additives are essential to optimise and retain the flexiblity to respond to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

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