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Safe Use of Refining & Petrochemical Equipment Residual Life

These reused vessels, including large equipments with service time exceeding 20 years and oversize defects, must be comprehensively inspected by domestic experienced inspection agency to determine their “health” condition, and assessed whether they are fit for use by the national recognised authority in order to guarantee their safe use within the permitted residual life cycle. Read More ›

Acoustic Pyrometer

Using Acoustic Pyrometer can reduce fuel consumption, eliminate flame impingement, reduce coking and tube bow (nearly eliminate), extend run length, reduce furnace maintenance and reduce emissions.

Acoustic Pyrometer

♦ Purpose for Instrument

• Map Temperature Distribution

− Combustion Zone

♦ Benefits:

• Reduce Fuel Consumption

• Eliminate Flame Impingement

• Reduce Coking  and Tube Bow (nearly eliminate)

• Extend Run Length

• Reduce Furnace Maintenance

• Reduce NOx; Pollution

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Revolutionary Coke Drum Unheading Technology

DCU Products & Services:Bottom unheading, top unheading with Drill Stem Guide/Blowout Diverter, DeltaSpool, DeltaGlide – lift system, DeltaChute, hydraulic/electric cylinders, HPU and controls, DCO interlock program, DCU isolation valves, combo cutting tool with automation, switch valve (in development), spare parts, installation/commissioning/training, onsite audits and aftermarket field service.


• Company Background

• Evolution of the Coke Drum Unheading Process

• Development of New Technology

• Case Studies:

– Refinery Case Study 1 – Valero/Premcor, Port Arthur, Texas

– Refinery Case Study 2 – Shell Wilmington, Los Angeles, California

• Installations

• Additional Products and Services

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Current Situation of China Refining Industry and Development Objectives

To meet the unprecedented challenges, we are going to transfer “crisis” into “opportunity” and materialise a healthy and orderly development of the refining industry for the safety of the national economy and the society. We will stick to the scientific outlook on development, combine reform with development, strengthen efforts on technological innovation, optimise industry layout for better industry integration, improve product-mix to meet the demand of transportation fuels and chemical feedstock, enhance resource allocation for better resource efficiency, achieve clean and high-quality production with lower energy consumption and emission so as to realise a sound and rapid development of the refining industry. Read More ›

Choosing Optimal Quench Interbed Technology: Shell Ultra Flat Quench

Optimising your system by using optimum quench technology can enhancing product quality, reducing catalyst deactivation, increasing process safety and building-in capability to handle a variety of feeds. Apply 4th generation technology UFQ can optimum balance between many design considerations, well defined 2-phase system with separated gas and liquid mixing, high flexibility in operating conditions and enhanced reliability of design over a wide range of sizes, applications & conditions. Read More ›