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  • Axens is an international provider of process Technologies Licensees, Catalysts, Adsorbents and Services (technical assistance, consulting) to the Refining, Petrochemical, Gas and Alternative Fuels industries. The main scope of Axens’ business is focused on the conversion of Oil, Gas, Biomass and Coal to fuels and major petrochemical intermediates. Improving the performance of our clients and helping them to be more successful constitute our only mission.

    Axens’ main areas of activity include:
    Technology Licensing, engineering design.
    – Developing, manufacturing and selling Catalysts and Adsorbents.
    – Providing Consulting and Software services: advanced control, simulators, technical and economic studies to optimize refining units.
    – Supporting our customers’ operations with: technical assistance for Start-Up and Follow-Up, supplying proprietary equipment, delivering Training and managing the Catalyst Life Cycle.

    Axens is currently active on 5 Markets
    Oil Refining: Axens covers virtually every area from liquefied petroleum gas sweetening through to vacuum residue conversion and includes commercially proven solutions for clean fuels production. We deliver complete basic engineering design packages to our customers, including HAZOP studies, detailed engineering reviews and more.

    Petrochemicals: Axens is a world-class provider in the petrochemical sector, with leading positions in the purification of monomers, intermediates and specialty olefins, and in the production and purification of cyclohexane, benzene, toluene and paraxylene.

    Gases: In gas processing, we have a long-standing lead in the supply of performance catalysts for Sulfur Removal from natural gas and refineries through the Claus Process. Natural Gas processing needs to meet stringent specifications to produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Axens offers a wide range of molecular sieves and Mercury Removal adsorbents with optimized formulation to cope with these requirements. In Industrial Gases and Air Drying markets, Axens is a major supplier and proposes AxSorb™ alumina adsorbents used in air separation plants and for compressed air drying systems.

    Alternative Fuels: Axens is actively preparing for a future in the alternative fuel sector by developing technologies for producing high quality medium distillates (jet fuel and diesel) from renewable lipids or synthesis gas (H2+CO) from a variety of raw materials (natural gas, biomass and coal). Notably, Axens Gasel™ technology suite enables the production of ultra-clean liquid fuels trough the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Process. Production of clean fuels by Direct Coal Liquefaction is a technology we have already commercialized.

    Water: Activated alumina along with its promoted forms are the perfect choice for the adsorption of unwanted minerals and nutrients, with proven results for arsenic, fluoride, copper, zinc, lead, silica, phosphates and nitrates. It is currently used to treat potable water for municipal and household units as well as remediation of waste streams. Axens provides ActiGuard® AA400G, an activated alumina product, for fluoride removal from water and ActiGuard® AAFS50 for arsenic removal from potable water and other water remediation applications such as: storm water runoff, ballast water and mine sites.

    In order to help you find Axens offer which answers your needs, you can use Axens Product Selector Tool available on Axens Website.

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