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  • BASF Catalysts – The Global Leader in Catalysts

    BASF’s Catalysts division is the world’s leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts. The group offers exceptional expertise in the development of technologies that protect the air we breethe, produce the fuels that power our world and ensure efficient production of a wide variety of chemicals, plastics and other products, including advanced battery materials. By leveraging our industry-leading R&D platforms, passion for innovation and deep knowlege of precious and base metals. BASF’s Catalysts division develops uniques, proprietary solutions that drive customer success.

    Process Catalysts

    BASF is the global leader in process catalysts. We provide fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) refinery catalysts, polyolefin catalysts, custon catalysts and chemical catalysts such as hydrogenation catalysts, dehydrogenation catalysts and oxidation catalysts – to name a few.

    Chemical Catalysts

    BASF offers catalyst solutions along the chemical synthesis value chain from oxidation, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation to speciality applications, such as fine chemicals.

    Custom Catalysts

    BASF offers a broad portfolio of process catalyst technologies combined with expertise critical to the success of custom catalyst development and commercialisation

    Refining Catalysts

    BASF delivers innovation, value and performance to refineries. Our portfolio of catalysts, additives and co-catalysts is supplemented by expert technical support and services.

    Polyolefin Catalysts

    BASF offers Lynx polymerisation catalysts for polyethylene and polypropylene, as well as custom polyolefin catalysts that offer greater plant throughput and polymer differentiation.


    BASF offers the widest portfolio of adsorbent technologies for a broad spectrum of applications in industries such as refining, petrochemical, chemical, and gas processing. The BASF portfolio includes proprietary alumina, silica, alumino-silica gels, bentonite adsorbents and a broad line of base metal oxide guard bed materials, including the PuriStar family.

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