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Criterion Catalysts & Technologies

  • Criterion Catalysts & Technologies is a leading hydroprocessing catalyst supplier with a comprehensive product and technology portfolio encompassing a wide range of refining processes. For 50-plus years, Criterion has leveraged its world class R&D to design and manufacture industry-leading catalysts solutions for the refining industry.

    Customers aren’t looking for products, they are seeking solutions. They bring challenges and business mandates to enhance operational efficiencies, ensure optimal product quality, maximize product yields and optimize refining profits. Criterion provides customised solutions for the customer’s unique needs.

    Criterion’s customised solutions are used in approximately 850 hydrotreating units across multiple applications, about 60 of the world’s hydrocrackers where we provide both feed and cracking catalysts, a large portion of the residue upgrading units in both fixed and ebullating bed reactors, and the majority of naphtha hydrotreating and tail gas treating units.

    Criterion also is a market leader in catalysts for diesel dewaxing, which is used to reduce cloud point and improve the cold flow properties.

    Criterion offers Shell Global Solutions reactor internals technology, including filter trays, high-dispersion distribution internals, ultra-flat quench interbed internals, catalyst support grids and bottom baskets. Hundreds of commercial applications have proved the benefits of such technology in terms of raised reactor volume utilisation, reduced fouling, prolonged catalyst cycle lengths, more uniform product quality and reduced reactor hot-spot formation.

    Our current catalyst portfolio is founded on two technology platforms: ASCENT (now in its second generation) and CENTERA®. Both platforms can be used to formulate CoMo and NiMo catalysts.

    ASCENT is ideal for low-severity feed and hydrogen-constrained operations and CENTERA®  products come into their own with more challenging feeds, for example, with higher end points, more cracked fractions and higher nitrogen levels, or where there is a requirement to upgrade diesel properties (cetane, cold flow, density, colour, etc.).

    With expert technology and application knowledge, combined with decades of industry technical service experience, Criterion remains committed to providing and maintaining solutions in response to customers who demand advance processes, increased margins and improved returns on their investments.

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    Criterion Catalysts & Technologies