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  • ExxonMobil Catalysts & Process Technology Licensing

    ExxonMobil helps refiners and petrochemical manufacturers increase capacity, lower costs, improve margins, reduce emissions and operate safe, reliable and efficient facilities. In our commitment to helping customers implement best practices and achieve better results, we provide cutting-edge proprietary catalysts and license advantaged process technologies for refining, gas and chemical needs.


    As one of the largest global refiners and chemical manufacturers, ExxonMobil offers its expertise across a wide range of technologies including:

    • Lubricants

    • Fuels

    • Resid upgrading

    • Aromatics

    • Gas treating

    • Polymers

    • Alkylation

    • Olefins

    • Synthetic fuels


    Our proprietary catalysts and comprehensive operations know-how help customers sustain continuous growth and improvement through:

    • Safe, reliable and efficient operations

    • Enhanced margins

    • Lower emissions

    • High-value product growth


    Above all else, ExxonMobil remains dedicated to supporting customer success, responding to business needs, and creating growth opportunities throughout the industry.

    Learn more at www.catalysts-licensing.com

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