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Merichem Company

  • Merichem Company is a global partner serving the oil and gas industries with focused technology, chemical, and service solutions. Merichem provides the Oil and Gas industry with critical proprietary impurity removal processes to increase the quality of Refinery Products and Gas streams. Merichem beneficially re-uses spent caustics and other secondary materials produced by oil refining and petrochemical plants around the globe. We are also one of the leading suppliers of naphthenic acid and its derivatives in the world.

    Merichem Process Technologies has been providing key proprietary refinery product improvement technologies, many based on the FIBER FILM® Technology for over 35 years. Merichem Gas Technologies provide proprietary solutions for the removal of H2S and other impurities from a wide range of gas applications. Merichem Caustic Services provides beneficial reuse options for refinery caustics including the production of naphthenic acids. Merichem Company has been involved with refinery caustics for over almost all of its history.

    Merichem Process Technologies

    Merichem Process Technologies licenses its technologies to customers for whom it then designs, procures, and fabricates equipment to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans, naphthenic acids, carbon dioxide (CO2), carbonyl sulfide (COS), and other impurities from light and middle distillate hydrocarbons in refineries, from gas liquids and condensates processed at natural gas production facilities and from light crude oils. Most equipment sold by Merichem Process Technologies uses FIBER FILM®.

    Merichem Gas Technologies

    Merichem Gas Technologies provides a full line of complementary hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal systems for a wide range of operations. For some customers, Merichem Gas Technologies serves as the contractor to provide design, procurement, fabrication and installation of equipment. For others, it sells a license, engineering and equipment only. Merichem Gas Technologies also sells two families of catalysts, one used in its own systems and one used in Merichem Process Technologies licensed processes.

    Merichem Caustic Services

    Merichem Caustic Services encompasses two business lines: naphthenics and caustics. It combines caustic-treating expertise and management of spent caustics to the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Its services include analytical support, handling, transportation, storage, and beneficial reuse of spent caustics and other by-product streams. Merichem Caustic Services also operates Merichem’s catalyst plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where the catalysts used in Merichem Gas Technologies and Merichem Process Technologies are produced.

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