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Bilfinger acquires Johnson Screens

Engineering and services group Bilfinger has signed an agreement to acquire American water technology specialists Johnson Screens. Combining these activities with activities that already exist in the Group leads to the creation of a leading ...

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Internals for Axial Flow Reactors

Johnson Screens designs and manufactures a wide range of vessel internals for media retention. Amongst these innovative products is a line of internals used in down-flow or up-flow systems to retain the often-costly media and ...

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Nasty Stuff

Heavy crudes are here to stay. As long as oil prices remain high, Canadian, Venezuelan, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, Mexican and other low API gravity crude oils will play an ever more important role ...

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Opportunity Knocks

A group of interesting articles deals with opportunity crudes, a mixed breed that includes very heavy, sour and high total acid number types as well as those with unexceptional naphthenic acid content but which do ...

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Processing Heavy Canadian Crude

Reducing crude oil cost is the major incentive driving crude and vacuum unit projects to handle heavy Canadian crudes. But such crudes–Albian Heavy, Christina Lake, MacKay River and others derived from oil sands–today present refiners ...

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