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STRATCO® Alkylation Technology Improvements

Dupont is continually looking t improve the STRATCO® Alkylation Technology, reducing hydrocarbon and sulphur acid inventories, increasing contactorTM Reactor throughput and/or alkylate product quality (tube inserts, 3/4 tube bundle, ContractorTM Reactor maintenance), and reducing capital cost of new units. Read More ›

China Refining Industry’s Responds to the Stringent Fuel Quality Requirements

Establish standards for gasoline & diesel quality upgrading combined with China’s national conditions, the emphasis of diesel upgrading should be on improving desulphurisation efficiency of hydrotreating. Make full use of advanced technologies and high active catalysts for fuel upgrading implementation based on the characteristics of refineries. Increase production capability of alkylation oil & isomerisation oil, and improve gasoline blending composition. Read More ›

Alkylation with solid acid catalyst

Results of an environmentally friendly alkylation process using a variety of olefinic feedstocks to produce clean gasoline are discussed. Operating conditions, energy consumption, product purity and utilisation of existing assets are considered.

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Sulphuric acid alkylation developments

A recent developed alkylation technology incorporates low-temperature isothermal operation and a refrigeration compressor. The acid-hydrocarbon separation incorporates simple coalescers and readily available reactor-contactor internals.

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