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EMRE’s Environmental Technologies with Competitive Advantages

ExxonMobil’s FLEXICOKING technology offers comparatively greater flexibility when upgrading resid, as it provides clean liquid products and fuel gas or a natural-gas substitute. Wet Gas Scrubbing (WGS) technology is commercially proven for efficient removal of particulates and Sox from FCC flue gas. Alkylation technology becomes increasingly important due to its ability to provide gasoline blend stocks that are ideal for meeting reduced emission regulations. BenzOUT technology increases gasoline volume, reduces RVP, convert 95%+ of reformate benzene, and upgrade olefins to high octane gasoline.

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Processing Heavy Canadian Crude

Reducing crude oil cost is the major incentive driving crude and vacuum unit projects to handle heavy Canadian crudes. But such crudes–Albian Heavy, Christina Lake, MacKay River and others derived from oil sands–today present refiners ...

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