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Innovative solutions in steam reforming and gas flaring recovery and skid mounted design for sulphur recovery facilities

KT’s innovative reformer design package, integrated within rest of Hydrogen Production Unit, would reduce feed+ fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, lower operating cost and capital investment. SCT-CPO, Gas flaring reduction technology, is suitable to produce Syngas for Methanol Synthesis, starting from gas flaring as feed. Modularised sulphur recovery facility offers great advantages in reducing field hours, improving productivity and safety, minimise overall investment, limited spot space, tight project schedule and etc.

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Innovative Catalyst for Claus Tail Gas Treatment

Hydrogenation step using conventional COMOX catalyst at 280~320℃ inlet temperature implies availability of high temperature reheating fluids or engineering solutions which may make the plant operation difficult. New innovative hydrogenation catalyst working at 230~240℃ temperature has been successfully tested in industrial plant in China. The results of test and achievements of TGT loaded with the new catalyst are described. Read More ›