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Green, clean production technologies in CNPC refining enterprises

DSO and GARDES technology can be used to produce State-IV and State-V grade gasoline from feedstocks with S content less than 300 ppm. PHF and FDS diesel hydrotreating catalyst can serve in State-V diesel production. CNPC’s gasoline and diesel upgrading technology, FCC desulphurisation technology and flue gas desulphurisation technology are expected to reduce 20,000 t/y of SO2 emission.

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Status of Developments in the China Refining and Petrochemical Industries

International crude oil price remains high and more crude oil is being imported to China. The petroleum and petrochemical industry and the chemical industry will bear the burnt of the “environmental protection campaign”. Paying much attention to the impacts of the emerging petroleum and petrochemical projects in Middle East on the Chinese market. The impacts of the development of diesel-powered automobiles and the possible pegging of China’s oil product price to the international price level on the Chinese product market. Read More ›