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A Multi-Technology Approach to Optimizing Refinery Performance and Improving Refining Economics

There are a number of options for residue upgrading. Foster Wheeler’s integrated SDA/coking schemes can increase liquid yields over coking alone, reduce coke make, increase refinery margins, SDA-RT+ coking approached residue hydrocracking at performance significantly lower cost and risk, and no residual heavy liquid product. On site production of power and steam from pet coke can further improve margins. Additional pet coke utilisation schemes can provide additional flexibility and improved margins.

Drivers for Adding Residue Conversion

The business environment:

• Improve refinery economics

–  Produce higher qualities of transportation fuels.

–  Allow processing of heavier and sourer crudes.

–  Allow processing of opportunity crudes

–  Reduce or eliminate heavy fuel oil production

• Improve refinery flexibility

–  Not limited to one crude or product market

–  Meet financing criteria

–  Rate of return hurdles

–  Based on proven technologies

Aim is to convert low value vacuum resid into higher value products. Product slate is driven by refinery complexity. Read More ›

EMRE’s Environmental Technologies with Competitive Advantages

ExxonMobil’s FLEXICOKING technology offers comparatively greater flexibility when upgrading resid, as it provides clean liquid products and fuel gas or a natural-gas substitute. Wet Gas Scrubbing (WGS) technology is commercially proven for efficient removal of particulates and Sox from FCC flue gas. Alkylation technology becomes increasingly important due to its ability to provide gasoline blend stocks that are ideal for meeting reduced emission regulations. BenzOUT technology increases gasoline volume, reduces RVP, convert 95%+ of reformate benzene, and upgrade olefins to high octane gasoline.

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Nasty Stuff

Heavy crudes are here to stay. As long as oil prices remain high, Canadian, Venezuelan, Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, Mexican and other low API gravity crude oils will play an ever more important role ...

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