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Innovative solutions in steam reforming and gas flaring recovery and skid mounted design for sulphur recovery facilities

KT’s innovative reformer design package, integrated within rest of Hydrogen Production Unit, would reduce feed+ fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, lower operating cost and capital investment. SCT-CPO, Gas flaring reduction technology, is suitable to produce Syngas for Methanol Synthesis, starting from gas flaring as feed. Modularised sulphur recovery facility offers great advantages in reducing field hours, improving productivity and safety, minimise overall investment, limited spot space, tight project schedule and etc.

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Two Decades of Advanced Process Applications in China

This article has concentrated on the development of reforming, synthesis, hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reactions originally using upstream products from natural gas as their feedstocks. Now the emphasis is on replacing natural gas with coal and renewable feedstocks. Each of these technologies has been developed to global scale so that they can be combined in a sequence of integrated processes. Read More ›

The Production of Environmental and Clean High Octane Number Gasolines Based on the Catalytic Cracking and Reforming Processes

The use of Mg-Si catalyst gives the highest catalytic activity of ZCC structures. An optimum variant appears at Mg-Si catalyst with the content of 20 % MgO. Using the process of catalytic cracking with the fluidized bed of Mg-Si matrix type (20%-MgO) is increasing the output of gasoline by 6%, reducing gas output to 6.8%, coke to 1.5% and fraction above 200℃ to 34. 7% while the degree of conversion is 60.3%. Gasoline produced from catalytic cracking process at using “Mg-Si matrix type” with the content of 20% MgO has octane numbers 80.2 (MON) and 90.1 (RON) by using the fluidised bed process. Read More ›