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PetroChina established special BOPP film test base

PetroChina established BOPP special film test base in Tongcheng, Anhui Province. It aims to promote PetroChina BOPP film transformation and upgrading toward high-quality products, differentiation and specialization to enhance competitiveness and meet market demand.

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CB&I to license technology for production of propylene and butenes

Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co. awarded CB&I a contract for the license and engineering design of a grassroots petrochemicals complex. The complex will use CB&I’s proprietary Olefins Conversion Technology (OCT) to produce 196,000 t/y of polymer-grade propylene and its Comonomer Production Technology (CPT) to produce and recover 20,000 t/y of comonomer-grade 1-butene.

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Topnir Application for Steam Cracker

Topnir can be utilised in processes such as CDU, VDU, blending (gasoline, diesel, crude…), reforming, FCC hydrocracking, steam cracking, and lubes, bitumen. Topnir model which can be used on-line and off-line provides the full suite of properties on less than 2 minutes, and has more than 70 references world-wide. Read More ›

SCORE steam cracking technology advantages

The paper review current innovation in SCORE technology, which include the advantages of short residence time cracking, advances in cracking furnace design, hot section improvements, recovery section innovations and reduced environmental emissions. It offers greater efficiency, profitability and flexibility to the ethylene producer.

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